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We Make Smiles Happen!

Dental visits are fun and educational!

 Angi, our kidzKare Coordinator, would be happy to talk to you about our children's program.  519.942.8421 

It is important that the first visit is a positve experience for your child and it's important to get an early start on dental care so that your child will learn that visiting the dentist is part of health care. 

Be sure to get an early start on regular dental care at home.  Start cleaning your child's mouth with a  soft, damp cloth before teeth come in and continue with a soft toothbrush once he or she has a first tooth.  Limit the number of sugary treats you give your child, and focus on healthy food choices from the very beginning. 

For kids, the dentist is looking at issues guiding the development of oral health, and making sure parents and children know how to care for little teeth.  They're looking into things like thumb-sucking and appropriate management of sports injuries.  For older adults, dentists are paying special attention to the rate of gum disease.  And for everyone, they're drowing a very significant connection between nutrition and the rate of problems with the teeth. 


Sedation (Sleep Dentistry) for Children or Adults

Do you have:    1. A child with a fear of Dentistry?
                        2. A history of a bad dental experience?
                        3. A fear of needles or  drills?
                        4. A hard time getting frozen with local anaesthetic?
                        5. A busy work schedule
                        6. Extensive dental work to do?
                        7. A hard time
 opening your mouth?

Some children have extensive dental problems that need to be fixed.  Unfortunately, sometimes their young age may make it very difficult to fix their dental problems in the dental chair without causing significant pain or poor lasting memories that may traumatize your child for years to come.

Our first class facility offers Light, Moderate, or full sedation for children or adults.  We have a cozy inviting waiting room, a full General Anaesthesia  and Recovery suite, with a team of Medical Anaesthesiologists and experienced Emergency room registered nurses who work hard to make sure your dental work can be completed in a happy, Calm, Safe and Pain-free way.    Your child will simply go to sleep, have his cavities fixed while asleep, and wake up without even seeing a needle or hearing a drill.  Your child will go home the same day, cavity-free!

You or your child  never need to feel a dental needle ever again and will love coming to see the dentist!

Please call our Sedation (Sleep Dentistry) Coordinator, Mary, at 519-942-8421 for more information to set up an appointment with our team.

A Tip For Those With A Sweet Tooth

Everyone knows that sweets are bad for your teeth.  But, did you know that the amount of sweet food you eat is not as important as the length of time your teeth are exposed to sweets?  Eat sweets at mealtime rather than between meals.  The amount of saliva produced at that time will help protect your teeth.

If you cannot avoid sweets between meals, choose something with less sugar like nuts and seeds, peanut butter, popcorn, plain yogurt.  Sticky sweets that stay in your mouth for longer periods of time like toffee or hard candies should be avoided as snacks.  (from the Ontario Dental Association website,



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