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Teeth Extractions in Orangeville

During a tooth extraction, your tooth is removed from its socket. While it is always preferable to save the natural teeth, there are cases where restorative methods like dental fillings or crowns are not sufficient. In instances where your tooth is badly damaged and beyond repair, an extraction may be necessary.

What To Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Once your dentist has administered a local anesthetic, they will use an elevator tool to loosen the tooth from the gum socket. After the tooth is loosened, they will use forceps to grip the tooth and pull it out from the gum. If you experience anxiety, we offer conscious sedation options for your comfort.

Precautions After A Tooth Extraction

After surgery, you may experience some pain and swelling in the mouth, and eating may prove difficult. Try to eat only soft foods for the first few days, giving your gums a chance to heal. Avoid drinking with a straw since the sucking action could dislodge the blood clot and hinder the healing process.

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